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There is Magic in Believing

There is Magic in Believing!
I am so blessed to wake up each morning following my dream of being a successful business owner. Over the years I have found that not very many people are happy and follow their purpose & do what they love. Most would love to wake up each morning doing something they are great at. No matter what it is, we all have something that we are good at.

I used to be that person that was just working to work. I used to wake up and not love my job. I used to have anxiety and panic attacks. I used to be depressed. My father committed suicide when I was 28 and I thought I was never going to be the same. But one day I decided to change my life. And that is when I discovered Hypnotherapy. And it can change yours too!

For me, the greatest thing ever is to teach other human being how to use the power that they have within, call it “energy”, everyone has it. Each and every one of us has the potential to reach our goals. My goal is to teach others to empower themselves.

Over the years I have worked with many people that have started their own businesses, Body Builders that have won Masters Bodybuilding Championships and placed 1st, Professional Baseball Players that have stepped up their game, and Firefighters that have overcome their fears. I have shown people how to use the power of their own mind to create positive outcomes for most situations. My clients have overcome medical and physical issues, have completely overcome addictions, and have even surprised themselves! They are learning how to create the life that they have dreamed of with the power of their own thoughts and repetition.

I truly have seen that there is magic in believing! That is why I spread the word of Hypnosis. If I can change one person, I have made a difference. If I can change hundreds of people, they will make a difference! And reality is, I am not changing them, they are learning to believe that change is possible.

When I think about all the religions, through all the teachings, I discovered that there is one common link…this can be named in one word and that is belief…and this works for those who sincerely accept and apply this science. Belief causes people to be healed through mental healings, enables others to climb the highest ladders of success, and gets unexplainable results for all that accept it. Why belief is a miracle worker can’t be explained. But have no doubt about it, there is magic in believing.

Decision is the most important function of the individual mind. A creative process is not able to begin until a decision has been made. I could not have written this today until I arrived at the decision to do it. I am here today when I could have put this off until tomorrow. But I decided to work today. I decided that I wanted to help you. Having made the decision, I know that every right idea will flow into my consciousness. Each idea will reveal itself at the instant I need it.

Now let’s think about your decision to read this today. You clicked on the link, no one else, you scrolled down, you decided that you would read this and you are here.

Even as you are here today, reading this, there are people all over the world that have decided to expand their lives……they have decided to be well, not sick. They have decided to stop smoking and breathe clean fresh air. They have decided to be themselves. As a result they will succeed. You know what I am talking about. This is your power. I am sure that there has been a time in your life when you decided “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” and you decided to change. We all have this power within. I tell people that hypnosis gives people their power back!

I believe that Hypnosis can benefit so many people. It is very simple to learn. All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. So once someone realizes that they can enter into a trance easily and quickly, they can begin to change their life.

I share an office with a Licensed Professional Counselor here in Arizona. She believes that in three Hypnotherapy sessions, you can accomplish more than is possible with years of traditional therapy. We have witnessed it together. Her patients have been referred to me for three years now and the only problem we have had was that her patient no longer needed her! It is unfortunate that not all Medical Professionals see the benefit of Hypnosis. I can say though, that over the years, more and more Doctors are considering recommending Hypnotherapy to their clients that I have ever seen before. I am hopeful that Health Care Professionals will support what we are seeing works. Simple as that.

In my Private Sessions I show people how to overcome obstacles and challenges. I have hundreds of testimonials and letters telling me how successful Hypnosis is. I feel it is my purpose in life to share what I know with you. In my blogs you will learn how to do self-hypnosis and what you can use it for. To keep you inspired and to keep things interesting, I will include examples of the changes that my personal clients have experienced. I will include audio recordings that will guide you into a trance state easily and effortlessly. I will show you how to effectively program your mind for success. How to create the life that you have always desired!

So, get ready to make the best decision you have ever made. And that is to follow my Blog and learn how to change your life…..Now, click on “follow blog” and hang tight until my next entry!

With Love,

What is Hypnotherapy

Have you ever wondered, “What is Hypnosis anyway?”

This is a good question and easily answered.  Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy are relaxed, focused states in which your subconscious mind is open to suggestions and positive changes. There is a specific state that your mind enters into when it is receptive to suggestions. You enter this state several times on a daily basis. It is not an unusual state of mind, and you may even feel that you are not in a state of Hypnosis. For most, it is simply a very relaxed feeling. The mind is very open to visualizations. The more real you allow the experience to become in the subconscious mind, the more effect it will have on your behavior. You are in control at all times. You will not do or say anything that you are not comfortable with or do not want to do. I like to relate it to a guided Meditation.

Many of us have a fear of being Hypnotized . I believe the fear comes from all of us having seen stage shows. I can not make you quack like a duck unless you want to quack like a duck!! The people on the stage want to act out or they would not have allowed that to happen. They would not have done that unless they were comfortable doing so! If you believe it won’t work for you, it probably won’t. If you do not believe the suggestions that the Hypnotherapist is giving you, you will “Not” accept that as your truth! Plain and simple. If you do not believe that you can be hypnotized, then this will be your truth, and more than likely it will not work.

The only other thing that negatively influences Hypnosis is lack of rapport with your Hypnotist. This is due to the fact that you most likely will not allow yourself to relax and let go. You must feel very comfortable with the person you are working with and know in your heart they have your best interest in mind.

Hypnosis can be compared to DAYDREAMING, or the feeling of loosing yourself in a movie or a really good book. You are so involved with what you are seeing or reading that it is as if you are really there. You are fully conscious, but you tune out everything around you. You focus intently at the subject at hand, to the near exclusion of all thought. One of the examples I like to give is driving on the freeway and missing your exit…you had focused your thoughts on something other than driving. You were Hypnotized or as we say in a trance state! You do this quite often if you really think about it. Now think about this….Who was in control? You were! If someone had yelled “watch out, fire, etc” even though you were in trance, you immediately would be able to handle things appropriately. The biggest misconception that I find is that people think that they are not in control. This just won’t happen. You could ask the Hypnotherapist to use the restroom if need be, that is how aware you are. You cannot feel Hypnosis, because both parts of the mind are still doing the same things they would normally do….just that now they are doing it together. You will still be aware of conscious thoughts, but you will be unaware of the subconscious process. So, it feels the same as normal!

We are constantly Hypnotizing ourselves. For instance, when we are putting ourselves down,calling ourselves names, etc…., we are creating a habit and if you do it long enough, you will have the belief that you asked for. Do not say or declare something unless you want it to become your truth!! I strongly believe that WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOU BRING ABOUT!

So, just imagine what would happen if you changed the suggestions that you give yourself on a daily basis??? You have the mind power to make yourself happy or sad, afraid or confident. Lots of people have power. Lots of people have power over others. Hypnosis gives us power from within. The power to become whole.

Hypnosis gave me my power back and that is why it is so important for me to share this with you.Hypnosis is a tool that allows us to envision the goal as already accomplished…it uses all the senses…Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and most of all emotions/feelings of how great you feel now that your goal has been accomplished! Visualize the end result and leave the details to the universe, your spirit within, your God, whatever your belief!!!

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