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Mind Over Matter Hypnotherapy


Similar to daydreaming. I tell my clients it feels like when you are driving down the road in deep thought and you miss your exit. You were so deep in a trance state you missed your exit! But you were aware of everything around you and no one knocked you out and put you to sleep. It is very safe. Hypnosis is used clinically to reduce reaction to pain, to stop smoking, to reduce weight, to overcome anxiety and much more.

Hypnosis doesn’t feel like anything. It feels like sleep. It feels normal. More than likely you will not feel Hypnotized. A great sign of trance is being in the session for an hour and feeling as though it was 20 minutes. It is very relaxing and people say it does feel like sleep. Hypnosis gives you the ability to shift the way you think and feel and behave. It is a wonderful tool to creating a New You!

Your body has the ability to heal itself naturally. If you get a cut or a bruise, your body automatically heals itself. My job as your “Guide” is to assist you in awakening this grand healer within!

**Unleash your passion for your desire to change. Think backward and make believe you already have done what you desire. Your mind responds to pictures and visualization. Pretend or imagine that it is already done!
**Suggestion and Imagination together produce Hypnosis. Imagination is stronger than willpower.
**Two qualifications of a good subject are that they are able to imagine and able to accept the suggestions that the Hypnotist has given them. They are able to imagine that they have already accomplished their goal. They repeat the suggestions back to themselves and accept it as their truth.
**The only thing that can negatively influence Hypnosis is Fear.
**Hypnosis is like daydreaming. Your thoughts may drift to other subjects while the hypnotist is talking. This is perfectly normal
**Hypnosis doesn’t feel like anything. It is as if you are getting ready to take a nap, but you don’t actually fall asleep.

Can Hypnosis make me do something against my will?

Nope! This is a big myth! Stage Hypnosis gives us the idea that we can be made to do anything against our own will. This is far from the truth. This is not entertainment. This is for healing from within. You will not do anything that you are not comfortable with. One thing to keep in mind is that the Stage Show Hypnotist is selecting people based on how suggestible they are. They are bringing up on stage the people that will be most able to give a great show. The first time I had Hypnotherapy, I thought that the Hypnotist was going to make me bark or quack!! I had some fear of being controlled and told what to do. I realized quickly that I was in control and no one could make me do anything I don’t want to do. This was very different than a stage show.

The mind is very open to visualizations. The more real you allow the experience to become in the subconscious mind, the more effect it will have on your behavior. I often tell my clients to pretend as though what they are wishing is actually their truth. To imagine in their mind’s eye that what they are hoping for is already done See it, feel it, and act if it’s done. Over the years I have heard several different definitions of Hypnosis. Most people fear that they will not have control over their actions when they are Hypnotized. That Hypnosis will make them do things they would not want to do. I thought the same and was a little scared. It is far from scary. I like to relate it to Meditation and going within. I believe the fear comes from all of us having seen stage shows. I can not make you quack like a duck unless you want to quack like a duck!! The people on the stage want to act out or they would not have allowed that to happen. They would not have done that unless they were comfortable doing so!

Hypnosis is a tool that allows us to envision the goal as already accomplished…it uses all the senses… Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and most of all emotions/feelings of how great you feel now that your goal has been accomplished! Visualize the end result and leave the details to the universe, your spirit within, your God, whatever your belief!!! This will work for you if you let it.

Can anyone be Hypnotized?

Yes, if they want to be. Most everyone can, unless you are mentally handicap. You don’t need to be in a deep trance, but you do need to be willing. If you feel you have a need to prove it won’t work for you, then it won’t.  Just allow yourself to be open to the experience and trust that you are safe.   There is little sense trying to hypnotize a person who deliberately does not want to respond.  Hypnosis is basically a co-operative process between the subject and the hypnotist, subject willingness to being hypnotized being an important requisite.  Every day we constantly hypnotize ourselves…It is that easy. We do it without even realizing it.  Here is an example of how easy it is. Let’s say a child spills milk. They feel really bad. They feel like they can’t do anything right. And then they have to tell their parent, who may be verbally or physically abusive. The child already feels the emotions and now the parent comes along and says things like “Look at you. You can’t do anything right. You are this and that and so on.” You get my point I hope. The child is already in that emotional state and now the words only reinforce the fears or lack of self-esteem. That child is in a trance state and is more suggestible at that time. It is that easy. Imagine what we tell ourselves daily. Are you kind to yourself or do you put yourself down?

What if I don’t wake up from Hypnosis?

Nobody has ever been stuck in Hypnosis. It is not possible. If the Hypnotherapist left you in the room, you would probably fall asleep and then wake up shortly after that or would detect that there is no voice guiding you and you would open your eyes.

Will I forget everything from my Hypnotherapy session?

It occasionally happens that there is what we call Hypnotic Amnesia after a session. This is when you forget what transpired during the session. You are still very aware during the session. I believe that sometimes our Subconscious is doing the work at a deeper level than we need to be aware of.  And sometimes our Ego can get in the way. Perhaps we are being protected from our ego so the work can be done at a level deeper than our understanding.

I have trouble relaxing, will I be able to go into Hypnosis?

Don’t worry. The relaxation will catch up to you. As long as we are working as a team, you will relax. You may want to help yourself by deciding that you WILL relax just a little while listening to my voice and that each time you listen to the recording that was made for you, your mind will relax even more. If you make this suggestion to yourself it will help to get your mind to cooperate. I find it easier to repeat the suggestions to myself. If you listen to your recording before going to sleep, you can take advantage of the natural hypnosis state that happens just before sleep. You may fall asleep to your recording and that is OK. Our ears never turn off.

Do I have to believe in Hypnosis for this will work?

Your conscious mind doesn’t have to believe that this will work. I ask that you in session you act as if what I am suggesting is real for you in your mind’s eye. When your mind’s eye creates the experience in this way, it builds it as a real memory in your brain, and your mind and body make changes based on that inner belief. The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between real and pretend. Even if you are skeptical and unsure that you can change, you will start to see and feel changes right away. Most importantly….. believe change is possible for you!

What if during my Hypnotherapy session my mind wanders and it is hard to keep focused on what you’re saying?

That is ok. As a matter of fact, while your conscious mind is drifting away thinking other thoughts, your subconscious mind is very aware of everything being said. You are actually achieving a state of trance when you are in this day dreamy state. Even though your mind is wandering, your subconscious mind is still aware and accepting and absorbing the information. The part of your mind that is doing the wandering is your conscious mind. This is normal. It is actually a great sign of trance.

How soon should I see changes from my Hypnotherapy session?

Everyone is different. More than likely you will notice the changes right away. If you have never done any mental work then it might take a little more time. You can teach your mind to respond. I have witnessed people having amazing changes within one day. Others notice a gradual change over a few days or weeks. That is the reason for the personalized CD. The repetition of the suggestions will help you get the results you desire.

Can I open my eyes during Hypnosis if I want to?

Yes. The first time I had Hypnosis I was curious. So I opened my eyes and looked around the room. But I soon realized it felt much better to keep them closed and just relax. In Hypnosis you are always in control. The only reason you allow your eyes to remain closed is that you make the choice not to open them. When your eyes are closed, you ignite your imagination much quicker, which is needed for trance.

How much does it cost?

It really depends on what it is that you are struggling with. There are several programs to choose from. Please call 1-844-711-MIND (6463) to find out the cost and the program that best suits your needs. Evenings and weekends are available.

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**Jonnata Mata is not a licensed psychotherapist and the process that you will be experiencing through your hypnosis program is not psychotherapy. The resources in this program are effective tools for behavioral changes through body/mind awareness with the use of Hypnosis and are not indented to substitute, a treatment or a diagnosis of any medical or psychological condition. The services that Jonnata Mata/Mind Over Matter Hypnotherapy renders are held out to the public as Non-Therapeutic Consulting Hypnotism, defined as the use of Hypnosis to impress (something) upon the mind of another by frequent instruction or repetition; instill positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. Jonnata Mata does not represent Mind Over Matter Hypnotherapy services as any form of Health Care or Psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law makes no health benefit claims for her services.