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As a lot of you may already know,   Energy Therapy  is wonderful!! I use a very simple healing protocol, which is named Emotional Freedom Techniques ™. EFT is a form of  Acupressure, based on some of the same Energy Meridians used in traditional Acupuncture to treat Physical and Emotional ailments for over the last 5000 years.  EFT is much better in my opinion because I do not use needles!!  Instead,  I simply  tap/press lightly with my fingertips onto specific  points on your head, chest, and hands while you think of the specific problem.   There is very little effort on your part. You’ll just sit still as I guide you through this very simple process.

Emotions are energy in motion. They bring on certain feelings. Many of us  ignore certain  feelings. We pretend like they aren’t happening. By doing so we are “trapping” all that negative energy in our body. That drains our energy system and continually causes us  discomfort on a daily basis. During one of my Sessions or Workshops you will learn how to unblock this energy. You will be able to release all negative emotions on the spot!!!  

EFT has SUCCESSFULLY  treated  all of the following:

Self Esteem & Empowerment Phobias & Panic Attacks Fears (Bridges,Flying, Speaking in crowds, Insects, Animals)) Trauma & Abuse (Past/Present) Rape & Molestation Pain Management (Migraines, Toothaches, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia) Anger & Stress & Shame Anxiety & Depression Substance Abuse (Tobacco, Marijuana, Alcohol, Caffeine)

Overcome Grief or Loss …This is how I discovered LEFT! It helped me overcome my grief from my fathers suicide. Personal Growth Development (Live Your Dreams) Relationships &  Intimacy Guilt, Rejection & Betrayal Insomnia Postpartum Depression Weight Reduction / Anorexia-Food Obsessions and Cravings (Chocolate/Ice Cream) Suicidal Individuals Children’s Issues of all kinds!!!! (Trauma/Abuse/Asthma)

EFT has been known to increase Sports Performance including one’s accuracy in Golf and Tennis and increased workouts! Academic Performance in all ages. And so much more!!!!!

I think it  will change your life!! It did mine. You will immediately feel  freedom from negative emotions! You will find that you will perform at your peak capacity once you have tried EFT.  

* There is no, long drawn out, “tell me your life story.” * There are no pills to be taken. * There is no painful reliving of traumatic events. * It doesn’t take months or years. * It takes less time than you would assume, often done it minutes

***This information and my  point of views do not substitute any medical treatment. I am not a licensed health professional. This only represents an alternative for health problems.  Therefore, whoever uses this information does so under his or her own risk and responsibility.  I cannot be held responsible for it’s use without the supervision of a qualified Doctor. You may visit the site of Gary Craig @
 for more detailed information in regards to EFT and how it originated.

“Your spirit was born to soar. Like a beautiful hot air balloon. If you are weighed down with sandbags and rope, how can you ever get off the ground? With each dead weight you throw out and  every tie you cut, you will feel your soul get lighter and lighter.” -Author Unknown

” Most people would rather be certain that they are miserable, than risk being happy.” Author Unknown

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EFT Contacts and further info: by the originator Gary Craig.