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Hypnotherapy for MX Racing

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Break away from the pack and use your mind to take your riding to the next level! Through Hypnosis and visualization (guided imagery), you can train your mind to automatically perform like a professional and remove mental blocks.

As an athlete it is important to remain positive and have a positive attitude when it comes to competing. It has everything to do with your mindset. Most of the MX Racers & Riders that I work with know how important it is to keep their mind right. It is only human of us to have some negative thoughts, but during competition time it is very important to eliminate all self defeating thoughts. That is why Hypnosis helps.

Getting to the Podium and receiving that Trophy has so much to do with having a positive mental attitude. It is very important to be mentally prepared. At the beginning of a race or competition you need to believe without a doubt, letting go of any self doubts or fears, that you can and will get 1st place. You have to believe that you can get that Hole Shot. That in the ruts you will be more easily able to come in and out of them. That you will be able to pull off that triple! You need to see it, feel it, and believe it is possible for you. Sometimes we can get in our own way and self sabotage ourselves. This is why most professional athletes use Hypnosis. By having a Hypnosis Session with me personally & or  listening to my self hypnotic recording (meaning all hypnosis is self hypnosis) you can put yourself into a trance state where you can re-enforce suggestions that will help you to overcome your fears. By listening to your recording daily, you will learn to mentally rehearse yourself as a winner and eliminate self defeating thoughts. You will gain more confidence. You already know you are great at what you do…imagine what it will look like when you are even better and people are amazed at your success!Motorcross Racing and Hypnotherapy

Most people that listen to my recordings find that they feel unstoppable in their actions toward reaching their goals. They are more focused and feel that feeling more and more often of being in the “ZONE” as if it comes more naturally. Their confidence gets better daily and they are able to overcome negative self talk much faster than someone who hasn’t used Hypnosis.

Whether you are an Amateur wanting to go to Oak Hill, Freestone National, World Mini, Mammoth Ponca City, Dodge Amateur National, Loretta Lynn’s or Mini O’s or you are Pro getting ready West Coast SuperCross, East Coast SuperCross, or Outdoors,  this will help you! Your competition already knows about Sports Hypnosis and now you do too. Let it help you take YOU to the next level.

The Elite Athletes that I work with tell me that 2nd is not an option. I get it. I am here to help you reach your goals and all your dreams. I believe that you can be a winner! I see it happen all the time. Why shouldn’t it be you? It can be if you mentally prepare! Let me help you to train your mind to WIN!

Imagine if……..

You went into those ruts perfectly and came out smoothly.
You approached that triple with confidence and you pulled it off perfectly!!
You come across that finish line in 1st place and everyone congratulates you at the podium!
You get Hole Shots one after another!

All of this is possible for you!!!!!!

I am a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with 10 Years of experience. I can help you to train your mind to excel and overcome internal obstacles. By training your mind to enter what is often called the “ZONE” in which all movements flow without conscious thought, you can transform your riding. You really can master the mental game and get ahead by keeping a focused mind.

Did you know that the Soviet Union Olympic team of 1956 had a team of Hypnotists travel with them? That year they won the most metals of any Nation. Whether you are improving your riding or training for a race, Hypnosis gives you the edge that you have been looking for. The word is out……Your competition knows about Sports Hypnosis, now is the time for you to move onto the next level.

Most professional athletes don’t always talk about their sports hypnosis training. Maybe it’s because they don’t want their competition to know of their secret to success???? Train your mind to work with you, not against you!! With the Mind Over Matter Sports Hypnosis Program your will train your mind to take your sport to the extreme level of accomplishment. Break away from the pack with Mind Over Matter Hypnotherapy and transform your skills from average to exceptional!