“My Little Angel”

I was 21 yrs old and it was 1994. I was home alone. My husband had just gone golfing with his friend. I was 7 mos pregnant. Just before my husband left, I was complaining of cramps. He got me a heating pad and went on his way. I was reading “What to expect when you are expecting.” We thought nothing of it.

About an hour later I go to the bathroom and all I see is Mucous. This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what was going on. I thought I was having Braxton and Hicks. Well, apparently my water had just broke!

I called my mom immediately and she came to my rescue. It took her 20 min to come and get me because of where she lived and the doctor was about 25 min away. My doctor told me to come to her office. We got in the car and I could see the fear in moms eyes. I just kept breathing deeply. I remember getting really pissed off at one point though and telling her to get out of the slow lane and drive faster!!!!! She was so scared. She was getting ready to pull over and deliver that baby! She didn’t want to get in the other lane, but she did. We needed a sign saying “Crazy, in severe pain, pregnant lady on board!”

The minute we got to my doctors office they took one look at me and said, “She is in Labor. Get her to the hospital now.” Thank God it was across the street. It was 12pm when I got to the hospital and I delivered at 12:22. Now that was close. Mike had just made it to see her being delivered. The nurses wanted to name her “Ariel” because she flew out and they said they literally had to catch her. They wrapped her up immediately and took her away.

They took her to the Intensive Care Unit. She was 3lbs 14oz. She was very small. I had an overwhelming sense of peace that everything was going to be OK. I remember everyone being so afraid though. I knew she was going to be just perfect. How I just knew I cannot put into words. My husband just knew too.

I remember holding her for the first time and being so grateful for this little Angel we called “Kaylia.” I knew that all she had to do was gain weight. At the time, they could not release her until she was 5.5 lbs. Amazingly enough nothing was wrong with her. Her lungs were perfect. Everything was perfect. It was just a weight issue. We would do “Skin on Skin” with her everyday. I meditated with her close to my skin and sent her unconditional love. My husband & I spent one month in the hospital taking shifts. It was not easy to do.

I just knew that she would be OK. I remember getting really upset with people because they lived in fear. They would say things to try to scare me, but they didn’t realize what they were doing. I would not accept anything other than perfect health for her. I would not accept their fear thoughts as my truth.

My friends would comment on how calm I was and how amazed they were with how we were handling the situation. I remember then, it was a mindset. I had a mindset that everything was going to be OK.

They released Kaylia from the hospital at 4.5lbs!! Yep. A miracle! They told us that she was perfect and that there was no reason to keep her any longer. We were so blessed. We took our little preemie home and began the rest of our life.

Kaylia is now 18yrs old and makes us so proud to be her parents. I love you Kaylia Michelle! Thank you for coming in to my life.

Jonnata8 Mind Over Matter